The 21st Festival of Street Art BuskerBus 2017 will take place between 19-28.08.2017. This year buskers will turn the sidewalks into stages in Wrocław, Zielona Góra and Krotoszyn.

BuskerBus is like a big street celebration. Over 20 shows will be presented. We invite artists representing a wide variety of artistic disciplines. Live music, fire shows, aerial acrobatics, cyr wheel, tricks ballons and balancing on rolla bolla to name a few. Artists from Poland, Greece, Japan, France, New Zealans and other countries will show off their talents.

Why should you come?

BuskerBus is a festival where interaction between the artist and the audience is a key element. Carefully crafted tricks, improvised theater, common singing, street dance and impressive new circus shows. Here everything is possible.

Entrance is free. There are no fences and no tickets. Take a blanket to comfortably watch the shows. Do you like the show? Don’t forget to award artists with some coins, applause or at least a smile. The more energy you give them, the more they will give you back.

Our aim is to create an inspiring cultural atmosphere and you will also have some extra time for collaborations. We encourage all acts to cooperate and constantly improve their skills, young performers to learn from the experienced artists. We love those special shows prepared ad hoc. Local artists are invited to join the jam session at the festival clubs.

Festival was founded in 1997 by Romuald Popłonyk, a man who has travelled half of the world as a one-man band and performed at numerous music festivals. BuskerBus was first interdisciplinary busking festival in Poland.

19-20.08.2017- Wrocław (Rynek)- event subsidized by City of Wrocław
22-23.08.2017- Zielona Góra (deptak)- co-organiser: Zielonogórski Ośrodek Kultury
25-28.08.2017- Krotoszyn (Rynek)- co-organiser: Krotoszyński Ośrodek Kultury

See you there!
Małgorzata Węglarz, festival director

BuskerBus Wroclaw