Thank you for your applications!

We no longer accept the applications. Thank you to everyone who has applied! First artists have been confirmed. If you haven’t heard from us yet, you are on the waiting list. We will inform everyone about the results soon.

Festival will take place between August 19th to 28th, 2017 in Wrocław, Zielona Góra and Krotoszyn. Cities and exact dated are subject to change.

Are you a performer?

Poland may not be about the biggest hats (compared to some other countries) but we really believe that you will enjoy your time. Especially in smaller cities your show may be a unique experience for the audience.

BuskerBus Festival is for artists who love performing on the street. Artists who enjoy entertaining a huge crowd and also who don’t mind building an audience when no one is waiting for them. We appreciate performers who are not afraid of the rain and can deal with any obstacles because they enjoy what they do and respect the audience.

Sharing is caring hence we would like you to share your skills with other artists and the audience. We will include in the program a special pitch with the workshop “get inspired by a busker”. Our aim is to create an inspiring cultural atmosphere and you will also have some extra time for collaborations. We encourage all acts to cooperate and constantly improve their skills, young performers to learn from the experienced artists. We love those special shows prepared ad hoc.

Who we would love to invite? We would like to create a diverse line up so artists representing all artistic disciplines are welcome to apply. If you are one of those artists who despite playing a gig at night still go to jam in a local park in the afternoon, dance on the bus stop and juggle with fruit at your aunt’s dinner, we are sure that you would enjoy this festival.

Interested in applying? We don’t require CV full of festivals but we are looking for unique, polished and interesting shows. We would like to learn more about what you do and what your expectations are. We promote buskers as talented people and we want to make sure that you work hard to bring your performance to a high level. This festival is both about art and people. If you would like to be considered please complete the application form online. Please don’t forget to add links to your videos.


  • We are able to invite only limited number of acts.
  • Only artists who filled in the application online within provided timeframe will be considered.
  • We quarantee a diverse line up and we will select artists representing variety of acts.
  • We provide free accommodation (shared rooms) and at least two meals per day during the festival.
    Please note that we have a limited budget to contribute to travel costs, especially for larger performer groups. Travel costs are one of the deciding factors so if you are in the area or can cover some of the costs, please let us know in the application. The refund of travel cost is up to 800 PLN for an individual artists, up to 1200 for a duo and up to 1700 PLN per trio. Bigger groups are invited as an exception and the total max travel refund in their case is 2000 PLN. Please use the economical means of transport. Original (if possible) train/ plane/ boat/ bus tickets, signed copies or electronic tickets are required in order to receive a travel refund.
  • We guarantee a free transport (by bus) between festival cities hence we won’t cover the cost of travels by other means of tranport between the cities unless agreed with organisers.
  • Festival is hat-based and the performers keep all the money made during performances.
  • The official performance schedule is considered obligatory. You are allowed to switch pitches with other artists in exceptional situations but please notify the organisers and make sure that there is a relevant info on the pitch that can be easily visible by the audience.
  • You are allowed to move your pitch eg. on the other side of the street but please keep all entrances to the shops etc free and make sure that you don’t bother other performers.
  • We are not able to provide technical equipment such as amplifiers but we are sure that other artists will be able to help you.
  • We invite people who love performing on the streets. If you want to have additional show off the schedule, we will try to make it happen!
  • After the street performances we will move to the festival clubs where you can show off your skills to the audience and other buskers (eg. a short version of your current show). It’s also time for collaboration with other artists and jam sessions till the dawn.