1. Only a limited number of acts can be invited each year. This is due to practical and budgetary limitations and considerations.

2. Each act should consist of an individual performer or a group of up to four people. Groups of more than four people are occasionally invited at the discretion of the organisers, but is once again subject to budgetary limitations.

3. The acts chosen will reflect a wide variety of street performance disciplines, Any act that can be performed on the street (eg. musicians, dancers, clowns, acrobats, actors, circus performers, magicians) is welcome to apply from any country or cultural background. There is also an opportunity for each act that wishes to perform at the BuskerBus Cabaret held in the each city’s designated festival club each evening.

4. Participants from previous years are always welcome to return, but they must fill in a new form and submit it before the list of participants is finalised. Failure to do so could result in the organisers only being able to offer limited participation as an OFF FESTIVAL performer independent of the food, accomodation and travel expenses offered by the Festival to official participants.

5. The usual closing date for applications is the 1st April. Applications after this date may well still be considered at the discretion of the organisers, but you stand a better chance of consideration if your application is received on time. All successful applicants will be informed as soon as possible and the decision of the Chief Organiser is final in respect to the acceptance of all applicants.


6. All official participants are offered free food (up to three meals a day) and accomodation for the duration of their participation on the Festival. Transport is also provided between each city but directions are provided if you prefer to use your own.

7. If you are unable to arrive on the date you originally say you will arrive, it is vital to inform the organisers of your change in travel plans. If you do not, it will be assumed you are not coming and may cause problems if you subsequently arrive.

8. Limited travel expenses to and from Poland are provided for those attending the whole Festival (details are announced each year). You are advised to keep receipts of all your travel expenses, particularly tickets issued in your name, so that this can be properly assessed at the end.

9. All expenses are paid in Polish Zloty. If you need another currency, exchange offices with good rates can be easily found all over Poland and the organisers will happily direct you to the nearest or best one.

10. It is your responsibility to inform the organisers of any dietary or physical requirements with regard to food or accommodation. We cannot always guarantee that we will be able to cater for all dietary requirements, but will do our best. Accommodation is usually shared, but we will endeavour to make sure that the rooms available are distributed fairly and considerately amongst the participants. Hotel and hostel rooms are generally-speaking strictly non-smoking by law. The hotel or hostel staff will generally be pleased to advise you of their smoking policy, should you wish to smoke.

11. Friends and other non-performing associates of the participants are welcome to travel with us (space permitting), but we cannot offer free food, accommodation or expenses on the same terms as the performers. All such people will be considered the financial responsibility of themselves or the performer that invited them.


12. Each performer will usually have at least one scheduled spot in the programme for each day of the Festival. This schedule will usually be published by breakfast time on the morning of each day. Outside this schedule, participants are free to make other shows at any time as long as it does not conflict with or in any way disturb the scheduled performances.

13. The official performance schedule is considered obligatory. If you need to cancel a show due to illness or bad weather, you must inform one of the organisers first. A day of continual bad weather does not necessarily mean all shows are cancelled and those that can work around such conditions are strongly encouraged to do so. Changing places with another performer is fine as long as the other performer agrees and the organisers are informed.

14. Performers are free to keep all money earned from their performances.

15. Any sale of CDs or other merchandise connected with your act on the street is at your own risk and may be subject to local trading regulations.

16. We cannot provide technical equipment such as amplifiers or guarantee that an electical power point will be available. However, in many instances, electricity can often be provided by a bar or shop, AT THEIR DISCRETION, if you happen to be performing near them.

17.Drinking alcohol on the street is illegal in Poland, as is the possession and consumption of all illegal drugs (including cannabis (marijuana)). If you indulge in either of these activities, it is at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for the consequences.


18. Every evening a Cabaret will be held in the Festival Club when the street performances are over. There will usually be an organised programme ideally comprising two musical acts and two variety or circus performances, usually followed by a jam session. All are welcome and encouraged to take part, but there is no obligation or guarantee of any extra money. You are also welcome to sell or promote your own CDs or other memorabilia whether you are performing or not.

19. When circumstances allow, the Cabaret manager may instigate a collection from the audience. All money collected will be carefully counted and equally distributed amongst all the performers who appeared onstage that night. In such circumstances, the Cabaret Manager’s decision is final.


20. During the BuskerBus festival, there hasn’t been any and will never be any tickets, competitions, rankings or any similar kinds of inventions. We only promote free and independent artists exclusively.