BuskerBus 2020: 25-26.08.2020 Zielona Góra 28-30.08.2020 Krotoszyn 01-02.09.2020 Wrocław

AryMan „Silent Act” | Magic | Poland

Iluzjonista Dawid Świstek - pokaz uliczny

Dawid Świstek, better known as Aryman, has been using magic as a storytelling tool for over 13 years. Now his focus is on object manipulation – particularly, as one of few in Poland, coin magic. It’s the horror in his shows that made him famous, but now Dawid prefers to surprise with cards and coins, not swallow razorblades. Creating original routines has become his biggest passion. Ary does not like to plan – but BuskerBus has been in his schedule for a long time. Not only is he going to present his magic skills, he will also conduct workshops – you’ll have a chance to learn why he loves street-performing that much, and how to build a better act. This will be the first time for Dawid to perform on BuskerBus.

Cia PALMA „Second Try” | Juggling| Brazil


Cia PALMA is a duo of Isandria Fermiano and Renata Nascimento. The two girls have performed together since 2014, and created several acts and projects: „Pé de Vela”, „Once in the Hat”, and „Second Try”. They specialise in juggling and object manipulation, with a ton of comic elements. In the “Second Try” show, the characters Nana and Nata hypnotize audiences of all ages, making a variety of props fly: clubs, enormous balls, or balloons. Will you join in on the fun? Remember, there’s always a Second Try! This will be the first time for Cia PALMA to perform in Poland.

Collectif Primavez / Miguel Rubio „Playground” | Acrobatics, dance | France

Miguel Rubio - pokaz uliczny
Miguel Rubio photo by Johannes Götz

Miguel Rubio is a graduate of Carampa Circus School in Madrid, as well as a co-founder of the Colectiff Primavez artistic group. With circus arts, theatre, and dance, they touch on important topics – but with plenty of humour and irony. Miguel has taken part in many projects, but one of his biggest dreams was to perform on a chinese pole. That’s how “Playground” came to be – a comical, often absurd act, reaching a height of 8 metres. The show is completely dependent on the engagement of the audience. This will the first time for Miguel to perform in Poland.

Collettivo Clown „BOATO” | Clownery, stilt walking | Italy

Colletivo Clown - pokaz uliczny
Collettivo Clown

When Andrea saw the mysterious creature of a clown for the first time, it was love at first sight. It led him down a path of various clown masters, and workshops all around the world – from Denmark to South America. In 2015 he joined the Colletivo Clown, an artistic collective focused on the idea of the clown as a transforming actor of reality. A year later he began his research on stilts, allowing him to experience the body beyond the height limit. The mixture of this personal technique and clowning is how the BOATO show was born. This will be the first time for Andrea to perform on BuskerBus, and in Poland.

Franklin Fantastic “Franklin Strikes Again” | Dance | Spain

Franklin Fantastic at BuskerBus
Franklin Fantastic photo by Joanna Dryjańska-Pluta

Young Franklin strikes again! Being a dance apprentice of the BuskerBus-famous Umami Dancetheatre he has come to warm up the audience. In 2018 he got dancing quite many people and he is looking forward to showing you some new steps.

Franklin mixes so many dance styles it’s hard to list them all – just come to the show and see for yourself what comes out of blending samba with breakdance, and if Polish pavement can survive the Dominican freshness and boldness.

Gaia Ma “Hit My Heart” | Clownery, juggling| Italy

Promo - Gaia Ma
Gaia Ma

Gaia Matulli, or Gaia Ma is a multidisciplinary artist from Italy. She’s a graduate of Physical Theatre Atelier in Turin, where she studied acting, acrobatics, object manipulation, contemporary dance, and much more. Currently, she’s polishing her tap dance and accordion skills. Gaia discovered clowning in 2008, and has since created several theatre characters and shows – both solo and with other artists. On BuskerBus she’ll present “Hit My Heart” – her newest act, comedic, poetic, perhaps a little bit romantic. Bow and arrow, the balancing Gaia Ma, flying hats, dancing on the stage. Her heart will be the target of an unknown archer. Will he hit it? This will be the first time for Gaia to perform in Poland.

Geordie Little „Concert Guitar Re-Imagined” | Music | Australia

Geordie Little photo by Lucas Fiederling – Lido, B

Growing up in Adelaide, South Australia, Geordie Little is an innovative acoustic guitarist now based in Berlin, Germany. Having developed his unique style on the streets, and refined it on stages around the world, he combines percussive finger and lap styles to create something truly his own. Mixing percussion, chords, melodies, and harmonics simultaneously, and taking influence as much from the electronic and post-classical worlds as from his peers, Geordie creates aurally and visually entrancing compositions, redefining the boundaries of what the guitar can be. Geordie Little will perform at BuskerBus for the first time.

Hayatonnu… „Eternal Longing” (version 2020) | Dance, acrobatics | Japan

Hayatonnu... - pokaz podczas Festiwalu BuskerBus
Hayatonnu… photo by Adam Wysoczański

Hayatonnu… is a dancer from Japan, who has lived and worked in Europe for over a decade. His act uses dance and acro techniques to tell a story filled with sorrow, longing, and loneliness. Can we defeat emotions, and appreciate what we have? Hayatonnu… performed on BuskerBus in 2019. This year he will perform a modified version of his “Eternal Longing” act.

Ian Deadly „The People Vs Ian Deadly”|  Juggling | Great Britain

Ian Deadly pokaz uliczny
Ian Deadly

Ian Deadly: MA in literature and philosophy, circus school graduate, juggler, actor, MC and Compère, Balkan DJ, teacher, flying trapeze catcher, acrobat, mime and above all; street performer. For the last fifteen years his only paycheque has been his hat. He also has the loudest clap in the whole world. “The People vs. Ian Deadly” takes the audience on a journey of improvisation and club and hat juggling to an amazing finale with a hula-hoop and fire juggling. Ian will amaze a kid, a grown man, a couple, and reveal the star in all of us. Expect only the unexpected. With encouragement, we’ll see love stories, superheroes, human tragicomedy, a different show with a difference audience each time. For Ian, a street show starts with 2 elements – the audience and the performer – only to become a multi-limbed comic circus octopus, all woven together. Ian’s first BuskerBus experience was in 2004 and he has returned several times.

Janna Wohlfarth „Janna Cycle Show” | Unicycle | Germany

Promo - Janna Wohlfarth
Janna Wohlfarth photo by Rob Bennett

Janna has been unicycling for 20 years, juggling for 4. She’s performed on championships all around the world, winning 1st place at World Championship 2012. 3 years ago she decided to make a living with circus, and graduated from Circus School Carampa in Madrid. She’s been busking for a year, mostly in Australia. Janna shows her audience what it means to unicycle for a lifetime. It’s not only about the one-wheel tricks though; the knives, hats, hoops, a tall unicycle and interactions with the audience make her street show an exciting “one woman show”. This will the first time for Janna to perform in Poland.

Justin 3 “Justin 3 Music Show” | Music | Lithuania

Justin 3 photo by Too Photography

Justin 3 is a music project from Lithuania, whose founder is a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Justinas Stanislobaitis. They perform original pop-rock music. Justinas is well known as an actor as well, having performed in the “Rent” musical by George Malvius and Derek Barnes, as well as Lithuanian production “Sweet Charity” and “The great comet of 1812”. This will be the first time for the Justin 3 duo to perform in Poland.

Kamila Szóstak “Kamila Szóstak BODY ART” | Body painting | Poland

Kamila Szóstak bodypainting
Kamila Szóstak

Kamila – both an engineer and an artist – has 12 years of experience in painting on “live canvas”. For her, it’s first of all great fun, but she loves to let her imagination run wild when choosing the pattern. Intense colours, accents of glitter, fluorescent, breath-taking designs… What do you think she’d choose for you?

Krzysztof Czarski „Linie” | Fire show, juggling| Poland

Krzysztof Czarski - pokaz uliczny
Krzysztof Czarski

Krzysztof discovered his passion for juggling as a 9 year-old kid. He has tried lots of different props, but his flowerstick remains his biggest love. Although he speaks 4 languages, in the street he prefers to communicate with a tongue made of plastic. The “Lines” show is semi-improvised, so every time you see it, you will have a chance to experience something new. Krzysztof squeezes 15 years of juggling into 5 minutes of a performance filled with high-level tricks. It’s all about the search for a short-lived geometry with 3 sticks – one of them on fire. Krzysztof performed at BuskerBus in 2019 but is yet to perform in Krotoszyn.

La Suricata „La Suricata Circus Show” | Dance hula-hoop | Spain

 La Suricata - hulahop
La Suricata

María has been dancing almost all her life, putting elements of dance into the world of circus. She has started with aerial acrobatics, then juggling, to finally become a hula-hoop expert. She has performed her act in 6 different countries only in the last 2 years, and regularly works with circuses, art events, and festivals all around the world. Her show is a mix of a lot of hoops, juggling, danger, lights, fire, and a tonne of elegant surprises for the whole family. This will the first time for Maria to perform in Poland.

Mariusz Goli „Mariusz Goli LIVE” | Music| Poland

Gitarzysta Mariusz Goli
Mariusz Goli

Mariusz is a guitarist, busker, and composer who can be seen performing in Katowice, and other Polish cities. His music is spontaneous and filled with love for improvisation, elements of flamenco or folk music. He’s always in search for his own style – for the last few years he has been creating symphonic, film and video game music. He has released 2 albums – “Road Into The Unknown” in 2016, and the symphonic “Orchestra In My Mind” in 2019. Viral videos of his street performances regularly reach hundreds of thousands, and even millions of views. Mariusz performed on BuskerBus in 2019.

Philip Fairweather „A Tenor. An Hour” | Music| Great Britain

Philip Fairweather - śpiewak
Philip Fairweather photo by Joanna Dryjańska-Pluta

Philip has been a strong supporter of BuskerBus since 1999, whilst gradually transforming the impromptu jam sessions that have always been a feature at the Festival Club in the evenings into the BuskerBus Cabaret, giving participants an alternative informal platform for their shows, alongside occasional special guests and local performers who want to join in the fun. As a veteran street entertainer himself, Philip’s own act stretches way back to 1986 and has evolved from acapella renditions of songs from the musicals and operatic arias on Saturday afternoons in Exeter to actually crafting most of his own backing music, allowing him to explore more and more songs that he always wanted you to hear but never had anyone to play for him. This year’s challenges have meant that he has not been as visible as usual, but, while the lockdown has given him more than enough chance to devote more time to his other hobbies, such as writing articles on British History and online political punditry, he has also been very busy behind the scenes with his music, developing new songs, presenting occasional online shows and recording an entire opera in which he played all the parts

BuskerBus 2020 presents: Roc Roc It “The 7 Wonders of the World” | Clownery | Germany

Roc Roc It BuskerBus photo Daria Pawęda

He came all the way from the future to bring to you this wonderous spectacle. you have heard about it, you have read about it, BUT now its time to see it live! Step right up and witness the impossible made possible and the laws of physics and science turned upside down. Take a deep breath and enjoy a travel to the 7 wonders of ROC IT’s world. Roc It performed on BuskerBus in 2013 and 2018.

Sylvain OULALA „The OULALA” | Juggling, unicycle| France

Sylvain OULALA - pokaz uliczny
Sylvain OULALA photo Juras Svetki

A high-energy circus show with a smiling Frenchman skillfully juggling foreign languages (and not just that!). If you love circus, this show is for you – hiiiiiigh-level diabolo tricks, juggling, a 3-metre tall death-defying unicycle – Sylvain will impress all, and make you laugh no matter your age. You will definitely not walk away disappointed! A world-class performer who has amazed crowds in 25 countries across 3 continents. His secret? He can make the best out of every situation, bringing awe, smiles, and sparks into the eyes of every single spectator. Sylvain performed on BuskerBus in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

The Human Computers „Humdinger” | Music| Germany

The Human Computers - promo
The Human Computers

The Human Computers is a solo music project of Jakob Hagen. In his songs he recounts his own experiences and views. He touches on the subject of death, and grief after losing a loved one. Jakob records all the instruments himself. This will be the first time for “The Human Computers” to perform on BuskerBus.

Umami Dancetheatre „Salao” | Dance | Spain/France

Umami Dancetheatre - zdjęcie promocyjne
Umami Dancetheatre photo by Maika Delgado

“Umami” is a Japanese word that means “tasty”, and is one of the basic flavours with sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. And the duo of Gustavo Hoyos and Jerome Leperlier is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted; they have worked together since 2012, using comedy, bboying, contemporary dance, pantomime, and theatre to wake up the audience of the cities, include them in the show, and transform streets into improvised stages. This time they’ll present a new version of Bizet’s “Carmen” opera – slightly surreal, very funny, with a lot of talent. They’ll show the stereotypical Spanish culture, with each member of the audience becoming a link in the story. This will be already the 4th edition of BuskerBus with Umami Dancetheatre.