Artists 2021

Juggling balls and clubs seem to float in the air, acrobats glance down from the Chinese poles, magicians test our perceptiveness and you can hear original songs coming from every corner. Someone is riding a unicycle; someone else prefers to go by Cyr wheel, or maybe even balance on a free-standing ladder or a rola bola. Some people cross the street with a dance step, while others prefer to walk on their hands and somebody is doing a flip into the air right next to them. Discover a world created by buskers – street acrobats, musicians, and other performers, boldly combining various techniques and genres.

Meet performers of the 25th International Festival of Street Art BuskerBus.

Astronauts Theatre

Astronauts Theatre | “Royal Peacock or A Chess Challenge” | Living statue, theatre | Greece

Astronauts Theatre is a Greek theatre group established in 2006. Since the beginning, they focused on making quality productions primarily for children. They mix different theatrical forms (prose, puppet theatre, shadows, dance, live music) with folklore and street theatre influences.

“Royal Peacock or A Chess Challenge” is a mixed show of living statue art and pantomime. A man is playing chess with the spectators. Every time he moves the white King, a white peacock (living statue) comes to life and presents a happy or sad dance, depending on the game outcome. The idea of the concept is inspired by “The Book of Imaginary Beings” by Jorge Luis Borges.

It will be the first time for Astronauts theatre to perform at BuskerBus Festival. Frosso and Dinos will present their show in Zielona Góra and Krotoszyn.

Compañia Depáso

Compañia Depáso “La trottola” | Aerial acrobatics | Italy, Chile

Jose and Clara met in 2017 in Buenos Aires while sharing training rooms but also a strong passion for aerial acrobatics and an urge to create independent, collective projects. He’s from Chile and she, from Italy, they were both “de paso” (passing through) in Argentina’s capital city.

“La trottola” is a contemporary circus show that inquires the poetics within the wonders of aerial movement. Continuous movement… Spin….Vortex…Spiral… Vertigo… Holding… Hanging… Flying… Two characters play by challenging gravity and making flight their favourite past-time. They spin through the air like out-of-control spinning tops; they let the momentum of movement take them and, by surprise, they choose the unexpected.

It will be the first time for Compañia Depáso to perform both at BuskerBus and in Poland.

Concentrico Circo

Concentrico Circo | “Rolanda´s Mágical World” | Circus: Clownery‎, Juggling‎, Theatre | Argentina

Concéntrico Circo is a company created by Guilmar, a performer and social circus teacher from Argentina with over 20 years of experience.

In her performance, as Rolanda, she combines circus and theatre techniques. She spins balls, balances umbrellas, makes the audience laugh and moves like a snake. Her carefully selected dresses and matching props leave no doubt that you’re watching the show.

It will be the first time for Guilmar to perform both at BuskerBus and in Poland.

Dancer Lucy

Dancer Lucy | “Dancer Lucy” | Dance | Czech Republic

Lucy is a dancer and yoga instructor from the Czech Republic. Her favourite style is Tribal Fusion – a modern Western form of belly dance incorporating elements from ethnic and classical dance styles. In addition, she studied lights design and drawing and now shows her passion for colours where designing stage clothes and props.

Lucy performed at BuskerBus in 2017, 2018, 2019. she loves dancing to live music, so you can often see her at BuskerBus Cabaret.

Donkey Duo

Donkey Duo | “Donkey Business” | Circus: Acrobatics‎, Clownery‎, Juggling‎ | Finland, Israel

Sari started her circus carrier as a child in the Mänttä circus unicycling team. Later she continued her artistic journey studying in various circus schools. Gilad made his first show as a kid on top of a galloping horse in the valley of Izrael. They met in Berlin in 2015 while playing their solo shows. Together they will prove to you that rubber chickens can fly, a man can multitask, and there is some juggling, acrobatics, live music and many more happening in their silent show.

It will be the first time for Donkey Duo to perform at BuskerBus.

Duo Juanma y Mabel

Duo Juanma y Mabel | “The Escapist Grandmother” | Juggling, magic | Spain

Juanma and Mabel are a couple from Valencia, Spain, who share private and professional life. “The Escapist Grandmother” is a circus and magic show that combines tricks with basketball juggling, passing clubs, whips and magic. Can a nanny escape?

It will be the first time for Duo Juanma y Mabel to perform both at BuskerBus and in Poland.

Duo Kandeu

Duo Kandeu | “Le Bretzel Show” | Aerial acrobatics | Germany, Canada

A theatrical circus show for all the family, “Le Brezel Show” from Duo Kandeu plays with gender clichés, questions traditions and tells in a clownish way the adventure of Rosmarie and Gustl on their way to a big Oktoberfest gig. Traditional German dance mixed with partner acrobatics, aerial silks, risky beer mug balancing, pretzel juggling and, of course, some fooling around and audience participation.

Sophia Hartung is from Bönen, Germany and Catherine Viens is from Montreal, Canada). Their unconventional approach to circus (both are self-taught and like to stay in the margins) has brought them together even though an ocean separates their homes. In 2018, after many years of friendship, they decided to create an act together which started as an aerial silks number and ended up being a full 30-minute show.

It will be the first time for Duo Kandeu to perform at BuskerBus and in Poland.


DuoPadella | “One, Two, Up!” | Circus: Acrobatics, Clownery | Italy

Giuliano Garufi and Isaac Valle are jugglers and aerialists from Italy. They are also good friends who want to share their wild and sweet moments with the audience. Juggling, balancing, acrobatics, rope, unicycle – “One, Two, Up” is a show filled with circus numbers, weird stretches and dancing and clownery.

It’s all about making you laugh! It will be the first time for DuoPadella to perform both at BuskerBus and in Poland.


HuRaban | “We Will See Tomorrow” | Music | Poland

HuRaban is a female trio performing world music. The band’s original songs are inspired by Balkan, Slavic and Latin American music, reggae, blues and jazz. The primary instruments in the band are guitar, vocals, double bass and violin. They also use oriental percussion instruments; frame drums, daf, darbuka, riq etc. and, among others, shepherd’s pipes, kamancha.

“We will see tomorrow” is a presentation of an album recorded during a pandemic. The music pieces distract our attention from fear, sadness and helplessness, or, on the opposite side, turn up certain emotions, trying to describe them, tame them and deal with them.

HuRaban will perform at the BuskerBus Festival for the first time.

Krzysztof Kostera

Krzysztof Kostera | “Dangerous Things” | Circus: free ladder, juggling | Poland

Krzysztof Kostera is a double graduate of the State School of Circus Arts in Julinek, specialising in a free-standing ladder, static trapeze, and juggling. He creates his shows and shares his knowledge during workshops for adults. Although he has been performing for seven years and has participated in numerous circus and theatre performances, he is still new to the busking scene.

His street show is filled with circus skills. Krzysztof rides a unicycle, climbs the free-standing ladder and juggles axes on its top.

It will be the first time for Krzysztof Kostera to perform at BuskerBus.

Mariusz Goli

Mariusz Goli | “Road Into the Uknown” | Music | Poland

Mariusz Goli is a guitarist, street artist, and composer. He is constantly looking for his own style. He draws inspiration from flamenco and folk, uses the fingerstyle technique, catchy rhythmics and guitar percussion.

He has released two albums “Road Into The Unknown” (2016) and “Orchestra In My Mind” (2019). He also composed music for the movie “On the Run” and for the VR game “The Wizards – Dark Times”.

Mariusz performed at the BuskerBus Festival in 2019 and 2020. He returns to present his best compositions and songs from the upcoming album he has recently worked on.

Mariusz will perform in Zielona Góra and Krotoszyn.

Philip Fairweather

Philip Fairweather | “Biskupin Lockdown Theatre Unlocked” | Music | Great Britain

Philip Fairweather returns once again to host the BuskerBus Cabaret and present a new street show, based on his unusual experiences in lockdown. Philip has spent most of the last year stuck in his flat and has only just returned to the street. During that time, however, he performed several online concerts and produced 6 full-length recordings of classic British comic operas by Gilbert and Sullivan, creating his own MIDI orchestra and performing all the parts himself.

His street show this year will be a showcase of some of the best songs from these shows, as well as a few of the old favourites you’ve come to expect from him.

Richard Filby

Richard Filby | “The Richard Filby Spectacule” | Circus: juggling, rola bola Australia

A bright blue suit, balls, knives, fire. A trilby Hat. Yes, it’s Richard Filby! Richard Filby is a circus artist, entertainer and showman. His Australian sarcasm is backed by gyroscopic balance abilities and juggling skills. Although Richard is proficient in many talents, he believes that his charm is the highlight of his performance.

It will be the first time for Richard to perform at BuskerBus and in Poland

Sam Goodburn

Sam Goodburn | Sam Goodburn – Wire Attire” | Unicycle, clownery | UK

Circus performer Sam Goodburn began his circus career street performing in small English towns 10 years ago. Around the same time he first won the national freestyle unicycle championships. Sam has spent lockdown compiling his best material from over the years into what he hopes will be his personal ‘ultimate street show Watch a fully grown man eat a small cookie on top of a unicycle on top of a tightrope and go away feeling both mildly impressed and hungry.

It will be the first time for Sam to perform at BuskerBus and in Poland.


Winetu | “Sanktuarium” | Music | Poland

Jakub Wędzina is a 24-year-old musician from Wroclaw. As Winetu, during his concerts, he creates an atmosphere of meditation, mantra and peace. In addition, he wants to take the audience to the world of ghosts and magic. Jakub performed at the BuskerBus Festival in 2018. Since then, he has been working on his original songs in Polish and performed in clubs and streets of the City of the Hundred Bridges.

Jakub returns to BuskerBus to present, no longer as a beginner musician, his work and show how he has developed over the last years.