Artists 2022

Meet performers of BuskerBus 2022


Gato Blanco Gato Negro “Atempo” | Circus, clownery, diabolo, acrobatic | Argentina

Paula and Javier are graduates of various artistic schools in Rosalio in Argentina. Since 2017, they have been working together as Gato Blanco Gato Negro.

“Atempo” is a silent circus-theatre act that combines physical comedy, acrobatics, diabolo and ball juggling, archery, and human puppets.

Two exotic clowns full of extravaganza present their invention to the audience: a circus clock. Numbers transform into juggling balls, bells into diabolos, hands into arrows, with music and dancing marionettes inside. Suddenly the clock stops. As time is unravelling, the show comes together.

It will be the first time for Gato Blanco Gato Negro to perform in Poland.

Juggling Dom “PYRAMID” | Juggling | Australia

Four wooden pedestals display juggling balls stacked in a pyramid shape.

This performance explores the different possibilities of constructing and breaking apart the pyramid shape through complex juggling sequences. The games developed during the performance play with the audiences’ expectations, with fast-surprising moments of balls being kicked, hit and rebounded in unexpected directions. This contrasts the precisely choreographed juggling sequences and satisfying repetition when the balls suddenly reform the familiar pyramid shape.

Domenyk grew up in Australia and from a young age enjoyed entertaining. He completed a Bachelor in circus arts at Stockholm University,

It will be the first time for Juggling Dom to perform in Poland.

Latin Duo “The Concert Became Not Concert” | Clownery, juggling, music | Argentina

A concert that became not a concert

Latin Duo is a circus group created in 2009 by Rodrigo Moller and Caterina Stefanoff.

In their energetic show without words, they combine Peruvian and Argentinian influences, live music and circus techniques including juggling, acrobatics, equilibristic, and clownery. Nora, a crazy clown and musician, meets Cholo, a talented and quiet juggler. She wants to win his attention, but the more she tries, the more she becomes clumsy. Can she impress him with her saxophone playing skills?

It will be the first time for Latin Duo to perform in Poland.

Loud Mime „Loud Mime Show” | Circus: juggling | United States

The Loud Mime is has been performing since the age of 8, and his experience shines through in his technical juggling, cringeworthy contortion, and crowd winning wit.

Recently he has been working on adjusting his show to be more family-friendly, in other words, more mime and less loud.

Will has been twirling hats, squeezing through tennis rackets, and juggling knives across America, but has never performed at BuskerBus or in Poland before.

LudiLò „Resta” | Aerial Acrobatics | Italy

Two characters with an inclination for order and cleanliness. A space that expands horizontally and vertically with no movement limits in both directions. A mysterious rope that becomes their means of transport.

LudiLò is an aerial circus duo based in Genoa, Italy. It is formed by a former professional athlete Chiara Gorrieri and a theatre actress Giulia Scudeletti. They have been working together since 2016. “Resta” is their first street show.

It will be the first time for LudiLò to perform in Poland.