BuskerBus 2020

BuskerBus 2020 grafika promocyjna

Crowds, dance, original music, fire, laughter, unicycles, and hula-hoops… BuskerBus is back! For the 24th time the streets of a couple of Polish cities are about to change into a colourful mecca of music, circus, theatre, comedy, and many different kinds of surprises. This year’s lucky hosts are Zielona Góra (25-26.08.2020), Krotoszyn (28-30.08), and Wrocław (1-2.09).

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Colourful characters from all around the world

What’s in store at the BuskerBus International Street Art Festival XXIV? Among others, Germany’s Janna Wohlfarth, a world champion of unicycling is coming as well, to show what it means to spend most of your life on one wheel. Straight from Italy, we’ll see the stilt-walking Colletivo Clown, and even higher up a Spanish acrobat living in France, Miguel Rubio, will perform his Chinese pole spectacle. These are just few from the long list of international artists. The descriptions of their acts can be found here.

There’ll be a fair share of Poland’s very own street art too: Mariusz Goli, a guitarist whose performances regularly go viral, AryMan, one of Poland’s most skillful magicians, and Krzysztof Czarski who’s going to communicate with the audience with three plastic sticks. There’ll be several events taking place simultaneously; walking around your town’s square you’ll pass circus craziness, clowns, musicians, dancers, acrobats, all of them fighting for your attention. Everyone wants you to watch THEIR show – and a lot of them have worked on it for a lifetime.

No street shows without an audience

It’s going to be wild, but the programme is one thing, and the reality another. After all, the essence of street art is improvisation, audience participation, the uniqueness of each and every show. That’s why Małgorzata Węglarz, the festival’s artistic director, did not want to cancel the event or move it online. As entertaining as they are, live-streamed shows are not an alternative to the ones happening in the street, where audience involvement and experiencing art together are absolutely crucial. As you’ll see with your own eyes, spontaneousness is key at BuskerBus.

Even more so when you visit “Cabaret BuskerBus”. These are evening shows in the festival club, where you can see the best, the weirdest, and the freshest tricks of the invited performers – often featuring local artists and unexpected guests. After the main part, the stage is open for all who want to perform; it’s your chance to not only meet the “alternative programme” of the festival’s stars. You can also talk to them face-to-face, and even make the stage yours!

At BuskerBus new collaborations are created, locals and tourists get to meet the most fascinating elements of other continent’s cultures, and during the warm, summer evening at the festival club it all blends into something completely one of a kind. Something you need to experience yourself. This is why BuskerBus is arriving for the 24th time – even this year could not have stopped it! Oh yea, and don’t forget three things – the applause, the smile, and something to throw into the hat. After all, they’re here just for you!


Organisers of the BuskerBus festival are Małgorzata Węglarz in cooperation with Zielonogórski Ośrodek Kultury (Zielona Góra) and Krotoszyński Ośrodek Kultury (Krotoszyn). The BuskerBus festival in Wrocław is organised by Stowarzyszenie Promocji Artystów Ulicznych Dundun and co-financed by funds from Gmina Wrocław www.wroclaw.pl.

Festival clubs: Piekarnia Cichej Kobiety (Zielona Góra), Stary Klasztor (Wrocław). Media patronage over the event by: KochamWroclaw.pl, Co Jest Grane, and the biggest Polish theatre website e-teatr.pl.

The Festival’s visual identification was created by Aga Kopera.