BuskerBus 2022: a circus trip around the world



Zielona Góra


The list of things that the performers of the 26th International Festival of Street Art BuskerBus have to pack in their suitcases is long. Diabolo, guitars, an aerial acrobatics structure, rola bola, juggling knives, hula hoops, a bow, cards, and lots of balls are just some of their props. They will take us on a circus trip around the world in the Wrocław Market Square on 20-21 August, in Zielona Góra Promenade on 23-24 August and the Krotoszyn Market Square on 26-28 August 2022.

Street circus, theatre, dance and music

BuskerBus is an annual interdisciplinary street festival differentiated by its international programme and openness to artistic disciplines. The audience can see performers who, while preparing their original shows, boldly draw from both well-known and less obvious circus, music, theatre and dance genres and techniques. This year’s edition will be a journey into the unknown even for the regular participants of the BuskerBus Festival. The artistic director Małgorzata Węglarz has invited over a dozen acts from the United States, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Lithuania, Spain, Italy, and other countries. Most of them will perform in Poland for the first time.  They differ in their countries of origin, experience and types of art they have mastered. The programme includes performances by graduates of circus schools in Rosario, Stockholm, and Turin, as well as self-taught performers who have devoted their lives to creating the best possible shows. There will be acrobatic stunts, juggling routines, magic tricks, equilibristics, original songs and much more all-inclusive entertainment suitable for the audience of all ages. 

Circus props, ideas and personality

You don’t need to speak foreign languages to understand the shows. New Circus focuses on the performers’ creativity, technical skills and the ability to use props and tricks to tell stories and, above all, the presentation. The most difficult routines are not enough to win the audience’s appreciation. On a street stage, personality and building a connection with the audience matter as much as technical skills. Buskers do not stick strictly to the script. Their daily routine is improvisations, drawing inspiration from new places and engaging with the audience. A show by the same performer can be every time a different experience. However, BuskerBus is not only an opportunity to see acts from all over the world but also a chance for long conversations, exchange skills and experiences, and even perform together in the festival clubs during the open stage. It’s all about the art and the people. All events take place without animals.

BuskerBus 2022 Line-up

BuskerBus 2022 offers a varied programme with something for everyone. Descriptions of the performances are available at www.buskerbus.com. The main programme includes only street shows that have not been previously presented at the BuskerBus Festival.


All events are free, but if you like the show, please put something in the artists’ hat in keeping with the street theatre tradition.

Making the most of your BuskerBus experience

Artists travel a long way to perform at BuskerBus, and it may be your lifetime opportunity to see them. Don’t miss any of them and join the festival from the first performance in the early afternoon.  There are no festival headliners, and performers rotate pitches and times. The timetable will be available on the BuskerBus website and flyers that you can find at info points during the festival. You can plan your day or walk around and be spontaneous in choosing the shows.  Please remember that it’s a street festival and the schedule can change. To find a pitch, look for a festival sign with a number. There are no barriers or chairs. Before a show, each busker marks their street stage with a rope or gesture. We recommend you bring a camping mat to watch the shows comfortably in the first row, sunscreen and a raincoat.  Oh, and we do love the photos too, so please tag us in your stories or send them to us and we will add them to our Facebook album to cherish the festival moments for a long time.


Artistic Director Małgorzata Węglarz www.busker.pl BuskerBus in Wrocław: Association for the Promotion of Street Artists “Dundun”. The BuskerBus Festival in Wrocław is co-financed by the Wrocław Municipality www.wroclaw.pl. BuskerBus in Zielona Góra: Zielona Góra Cultural Center, Festival club: Piekarnia Cichej Kobiety BuskerBus in Krotoszyn: Krotoszyn Cultural Center.