Important info for artists

General terms

1. We are able to invite only a limited number of acts (around 20). We aim for a 50/50 ratio of new and returning Artists.
2. If you are a returning Artist, you must apply with a completely NEW show (no exceptions will be made).
3. If you are a musician we prefer bands performing original music rather than covers
4. Due to practical and budgetary limitations, we prefer solo Artists and duos over big groups. Groups are invited rarely.
5. The application deadline is Apr 10th, 2019
6, Only Artists who filled out the application online within provided timeframe will be considered.
7. We guarantee a diverse lineup and we will select artists representing a variety of artistic disciplines.
8. We will start booking Artists in the mid of April.
9. The invited Artists will be asked to fill in the confirmation form and send us their tax details.
10. The Artists that haven’t been selected will be informed about the results as soon as we reach the max of confirmed artists.

11. We provide free accommodation from a day before until a day after the festival. Please note that rooms are usually shared with other Artists.
12. At least two meals per day will be provided during the festival. Food will be booked according to info provided in the confirmation form (meat or vegetarian). As the catering is ordered in advance, you won’t be able to change your preferences during the festival.
13. We guarantee free transport by bus between festival cities (Wrocław-Krotoszyn, Krotoszyn-Wroclaw, Wrocław- Zielona Góra, Zielona Góra- Wrocław). If you travel by car, you can leave it in Wroclaw and travel by bus to save the money.
14. Festival is HAT-BASED and the performers keep all the hat money earned during performances.
15. Acts receive a small fee  (see the details in the application form)
Acts receive a travel reimbursement (see the details in the application form).
16. If for any reasons not confirmed with the organiser (no show) you don’t perform on some days, your payment will be deducted. You need to perform in all festival cities to get paid.
17. All expenses are paid on the last festival day in Polish Zloty in cash for foreign Artists and via bank transfer – Artists with a bank account in Poland (unless otherwise requested)
18. If your arrival dates changes, please inform us as soon as possible and no later than two weeks before your arrival. Otherwise, you will be charged for hotel and accommodation booked for you on a days that you didn’t use them.
19. We invite ONLY PERFORMING ARTISTS (no assistants, managers, relatives etc). Guest are not allowed in the hotel rooms paid by the Organiser.

20. Each act performs once or twice (up to 3 times in Wrocław) a day in max hourly slots (including setup/perform/pulldown). The schedule will be adapted according to information provided in the application regarding a duration of everyone’s shows.There are 3 to 6 shows at the same time. Travel day is a free day but we sometimes organise opening events. Participation is optional and you can collect hat money.
21. The official performance schedule is considered obligatory.
22. We are not able to provide technical equipment. Please note that pitches are usually without electricity. There are no stages, no amplifiers or technical support is provided. Shows must manage all of this themselves. You should be as mobile as possible as the Artists will perform in the rotation system (change spots). If you prefer same spot (e.g. when you have a constuction, please provide the details in the comment sections).
23. If you have any special requirements e.g. regarding performing time, please include them in the application form. Requirements sent later on will not be taken into consideration
24.You are allowed to move your pitch eg. on the other side of the street but please keep all entrances to the shops etc free and make sure that you don’t interrupt other performers.
25. We invite people who love performing on the streets. If you want to have an additional show off the schedule, we will try to make it happen!
26. After the street performances, we will move to a festival club where you can show off your skills to the audience and other buskers (eg. a short version of your current show). It’s also time for collaboration with other Artists and jam sessions until dawn. There is no fee but you can collect a hat money.

27. The Organiser does not provide liability insurance so please make sure that you have one. The health insurance is paid for individuals who chose the fee, according to Polish regulation related to the contract of mandate.
28. If you are performing or adapting a work that is under copyright, you must get permission in writing from the author or their literary agent or publisher. You must also pay all royalties to the author. The festival doesn’t cover any cost related to copyrighted music.
29. Any sale of CDs or other merchandise on the street is at your own risk and may be subject to local trading regulations.
30. The selected Artists must provide printable high-resolution photos and information texts free of charge. You must have a permission from the photographer for the festival to use the photo free of charge.
31. The Artist shall consent to the publication and/or use by the Organiser in any form of the Artist’s name, stage name, image, statements, recordings of the show and other recordings, prior to, during and following the Festival. You agree that the recordings produced can be used in any form by the organiser or by third parties mandated by the organiser. This also includes the distribution and publishing of the recordings in all media.
32. Sometimes the Organiser invite Artists who cannot join the whole tour to take part as OFF festival. They will be included in the schedule but we won’t cover their costs. OFF Artists are usually confirmed only before the festival and the availability will be announced on the Festival’s Facebook page only if there are enough spots available. 

33. All necessary information will be provided on the website and via email. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please reach us at
34. Organiser: Małgorzata Węglarz (Krotoszyn, Zielona Góra), Stowarzyszenie Promocji Artystów Ulicznych Dundun (Wrocław). Festival director: Małgorzata Węglarz Email:

35. By submitting the application you confirm having read, understood and accepted the conditions of participation